List of Traditional Japanese Inns

Poppy Springs Resort & Spa
A resort hotel that is a California mission-style building in the Yunogo Onsen town.
Healing and health are its themes, and the hotel prides itself on its hot springs and aromatherapy as well as its cooking using only organic vegetables.
Basic Charge:1Person(1Night,2Meals.Tax Separate)
Traditional Japanese Inn in a Modern Style—Katsuragi
The traditional Japanese inn in a modern style in Yunogo Onsen is popular with couples and women. You can enjoy cooking with local ingredients; the “Moon Bath,” which is an outdoor bath (that can be reserved) with graf design; the dining café and plum wine bar in front of the inn; beauty treatments; yoga; and more.
Basic Charge:1Person(1Night,2Meals.Tax Separate)
Resort Inn Yunogo
This inn is located on a hill with lush greenery in Oku-Yunogo, with well-equipped sports facilities and golf courses nearby. It is easily accessible from Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe regions; it is an inn where all types of customers coming for leisure, sports, or business can enjoy themselves.
Basic Charge:1Person(1Night,2Meals.Tax Separate)
The Inn of Kindness—Chikutei
“The Inn of Kindness, Chikutei” is located on a hill in Yunogo Onsen. You can look out over the mountains that adorn the four seasons of Yunogo from the observation baths on the 7th floor of the Wind Hall. Additionally, the new green leaves of spring, changing autumn leaves, and the outdoor baths in the bamboo groves—which are overflowing with the elegance of the seasons—are extremely charming.
Basic Charge:1Person(1Night,2Meals.Tax Separate)
Yunogo Bishunkaku
Located on a hill in Yunogo Onsen, “Yunogo Bishunkaku” is a hot spring lodging facility of the highest grade in the prefecture.
A genuine traditional Japanese-style inn where everyone from small children to the elderly can enjoy themselves.
Basic Charge:1Person(1Night,2Meals.Tax Separate)
Seijiro-no-Yu, Yunogokan
The only facility in Okayama Prefecture consecutively selected in the “100 Hotels and Inns in Japan Chosen by Professionals” in the cooking category. The inn prides itself on its outdoor baths made from rocks, where you can enjoy bathing in a spacious area with an overflowing sense of freedom.
Relax and enjoy your time in the country.
Basic Charge:1Person(1Night,2Meals.Tax Separate)
2 People, 1 Room:
4 People, 1 Room:
Kifu No Sato
Once you pass through the stone-paved entrance, trees from the hills and fields adorning creative Japanese flower arrangements appear before you. A traditional Japanese-style inn that is gentle on the five senses, offering you the most wonderful experience in all seasons.
Basic Charge:1Person(1Night,2Meals.Tax Separate)
Yunogo Grand Hotel
A hotel with hospitality that comes from the heart, with a smile on the face of every staff member. With delicious cooking offered in large portions and hot springs that you would want to bathe in repeatedly, you are sure to return the next day feeling much better than when you arrived.
Basic Charge:1Person(1Night,2Meals.Tax Separate)
The Inn of Flowers—Nishikien Ryokan
The lobby where you can see the courtyard has a sense of freedom and is a soothing space where aromatic fragrances drift through the air.
Fresh, seasonal flowers are arranged everywhere, and the proprietress’s pressed flower pictures adorn the inside of the inn.
The inn is specially known for its beauty, health, and delicious banquets of Chinese herbal medicine dishes.
Basic Charge:1Person(1Night,2Meals.Tax Separate)
Located on a hill slightly away from Yungo Onsen town, this is an inn where you can feel the four seasons upon your skin.
Inside the inn is a modern atmosphere based on Japanese traditions, which makes you feel “peaceful and relaxed.”
Basic Charge:1Person(1Night,2Meals.Tax Separate)